Apple iPad HD

Apple called the iPad as a third generation iPad HD (High Definition). iPad HD will use the technology Retina Display resolution is 1,080 pixels high. Until now, Apple has released the first generation iPad and the second generation and was named iPad, and iPad 2.

Here are the specifications of the iPad HD:

  • Retina Display, iPad screen has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This means, the pixel density of 264 pixels per inch reach. better than the iPad 2 only has a density of 132 per inch pikel.
    iPad HD display is believed to be better than the iPad 2, but it is better iPhone 4 with a density of 300 pixels per inch.
  • Apple A6 processor Quad-core
    Apple will use the A6 Quad core processor on the iPad HD. With this HD iPad will be the fastest IOS device from Apple.
  • 4G or LTE connectivity
    iPad only WiFi only, iPad2 plus GSM / CDMA / LTE. iPad HD support network of Long Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G.
  • Front and rear camera better
    rear camera has 8MP resolution. In fact, the physical size of the camera would be greater.
  • The new connector
    The size of a slim connector will likely be selected for the Apple iPad 3. 3 includes port Thunderbolt iPad, iPhone and iPhone 5 or iPad next generation. With the port, the transfer of data between devices Apple so much faster.


iPad HD

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