New Release of Opera Mini

Opera Software introduces Opera Mini Next, the mobile web browser that integrates with social networking. The browser is made ​​specifically for mobile phones.
Opera Mini has a Smart Page Next, a new tab in the browser that can help direct access to social networks from the home screen browser.

opmin Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera, expect this feature will be useful for mobile users to enrich the mobile internet experience.
"When people think about access to social networks on the way, they would imagine a smart phone with the installed applications. But not all mobile phone users have smart phones," said Boilesen.
According to him, users can still be an active social networker even have a standard phone.

At first glance, like a Smart Page Speed ​​Dial feature. The difference, Smart Page to access Twitter, Facebook, to online news.
In 2011, the average Opera users totaled 100 million per month. A total of 250 million access the Opera is not just from the PC, but also from mobile phones and televisions.


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